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EXIT Europe intends to develop local exit programs where they are most lacking, along an European east to south axis, going through Vienna (AT), connecting partners in Italy, France and Spain with neighbour Slovakia, liaising with Czech Republic and Hungary. Existing expertise on deradicalisation practice from RAN, Efus, EENeT, the Austrian exit pilot and the German “Live Democracy!” program will be mustered.
The local programs will be civil-society based, multi-agency, have a cross-extremisms perspective (e.g. Islamism, neo-Nazism, regional hate groups, i.a.), are embedded in local community PVE networks and secondary prevention – but also connected to security agencies. Recent innovations, as Austria’s ‘triangular exit facilitation’, elements from restorative justice and gender-focused approaches will come together with existing indigenous methods – thus also addressing local radicalisation challenges.
Short title or EU acronymEXIT EUROPE
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/03/21

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