Extression of camel single-domain VH antibodies in plants to produce pathogen resistent plants.

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Transgenic plants making antibodies directed against plant viruses seem to be more resistant towards the pathogen. This promising technique seems, however, to be blocked. Probably by the incompatibility to produce conventional antibody fragments in plants. The camel antibodies formed by two heavy-chains instead of 2 heavy and 2 light chains in conventional antibodies will most likely overcome most of these shortcomings. These antibodies are easier to clone, 50% of them are enzyme inhibiting, and they were successfully expressed in tobacco plants into stable, and functional entities. In this project we intend to raise and clone camel antibodies against potivirus Y, as well as against cutinase. These antibody fragments will be transformed into potatoes to generate transgenic plants with increased resistance against the pathogens.
Effective start/end date1/03/0028/02/02


  • plantpathogens
  • transgenic plants
  • camel antibodies

Flemish discipline codes

  • (Bio)chemical engineering
  • Biological sciences
  • Materials engineering