Family care for HIV/AIDS patients in ambulant care

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Family care, the support of the ambulant care for HIV/AIDS, hardly has been examined. Our previous research shows that nonetheless its economic importance is considerable: it is classified second in the global care for AIDS patients, immediately after hospitalisations. These findings have been collected from patients. This project focuses on the caregivers of the patients . It will examine content and duration of their tasks in order to evaluate more precisely the economic cost, their relationship with the health and social services and with the volunteer services, and their needs. Next to a standardised interview they will complete a diary. Extra motivational support will be necessary. The researchers will be the same as previously in order to get maximum a response.As far as we know a comparable in-depth enquiry has not been done before. The project wants to make a better assessment of the social cost of HIV/AIDS and to contribute towards a better collaboration between professional services and informal care.
Due to sickness of the mean researcher, this project has not yet been realised.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/98


  • primary caregivers
  • economy

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  • Economics and business
  • Sociology and anthropology
  • Health sciences