Fast and orthogonal chromatography

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    In different pharmaceutical analytical situations, the need exists to develop sets of orthogonal chromatographic methods. With orthogonal methods is meant that the chromatographic systems give different information about the substances, i.e. their elution behaviour is the consequence of different properties or different interactions. To select orthogonal systems a large number of samples or substances will be chromatographically characterised. The fact that this also has to be done on several chromatographic systems requires fast methods. The use of short columns is therefore recommended. The aim of this project is to determine how these sets of fast orthogonal methods can be developed and how the obtained results can be analysed.
    An application that will be studied is the characterisation of impurities in a (candidate) drug substance. The problem one then has is that the impurities are unknown, either in number or in structure, and that therefore no standards are available to develop an appropriate chromatographic method. To be sure no impurities remain hidden under the peak of the main substance, different chromatographic systems are used, and this in combination with chemometric peak purity techniques.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0131/12/01


    • chemometrics
    • chromatography
    • fast methods
    • orthogonal methods
    • pharmaceutical analysis

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    • Mathematical sciences
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