Federalism and institutional stability in Canada, Belgium, South Africa and Tatarstan.

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Through a comparison of four countries (Belgium, Canada, South Africa and Tatarstan), this research tries to answer the question; to what degree can federal structures contribute to the pacification of conflicts emerging through the multi-national character of modern federal states. The study focusses on those moments in which the ethno-nationalist groups in conflict cease their uni-lateral actions and move to mutual decision and compromises. To this analysis of decision-making between the ethno-nationalist groups, we attach an institutional component. We will explore how and to what extend the institutional context, in casu the federal structure, influences the proces of mutual decision-making.
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/12/99


  • Conflict-regulation
  • Federalism
  • ethno-nationalism

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  • Other social sciences
  • Economics and business