Flanders Circulair: Facadeclick as a service

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As a material supplier, Facadeclick responds to the trends of joint-free, aesthetically perfect facades by using a revolutionary connecting piece in HDPE to snap the facing bricks together in a facade instead of using mortar or glue. Thanks to the specific stones and the inserts (these are the connecting pieces), a façade wall is built as if you were building with LEGO®, without water, mortar or glue. This means that the wall can also be perfectly dismantled, the stones recovered and reused. Circular so. Only to make this picture completely right within the idea of ​​a circular economy a circular business model is needed: Facadeclick as a service. That is why we want to find an answer through this project in three domains: • Legally, under what conditions can a Facadeclick façade be considered movable instead of real estate? • Economically, what is the residual value of a Facadeclick façade, how can it be determined and simplify financing • Financially, with which circular business model can the façade be offered as a service? Which accounting models and depreciation options will be applied as a result?
Effective start/end date1/10/1829/02/20


  • Circular Economy
  • Building construction

Flemish discipline codes

  • Building technology