Flemish Interuniversity project for structural studies of hard and soft condensed matter with synchrotron radiation.

  • Wyns, Lode (Administrative Promotor)
  • Goderis, Bart (Co-Promotor)
  • Janssens, Koen (Co-Promotor)
  • Mullens, Jules (Co-Promotor)
  • Poelman, Dirk (Co-Promotor)

Project Details


This project concerns material studies in the very broad sense of the term and this in the context of the European synchrotron facilities. It is formulated by the research teams that in Flanders have pioneered the implementation of synchrotron radiation in a range of disciplines. The project reflects the extreme wide spectrum of material studies made feasible by these large facilities.

Partim Protein crystallography / Biomolecular structure & function (Prof. Lode Wyns - VUB)

In this necessarily (too) concise text we want to emphasize two aspects:
* Developments concerning nano-manipulation
* Concerning crystallization per se
- Nanomanipulation: sample handling, observation of microcrystals requires the development of a dedicated platform. ESRF has defined this as one of its first priorities.
- The crystallization-platform at the PSB (Partnership for Structural Biology) can provide us access to "nanodrop" crystallization coupled to an integrated platform.
- The beamline dedicated to functional biology and applied soft condensed matter studies will, in this same PSB context, allow fast screening to help and guide crystallization protocols for the difficult systems.
Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/12

Flemish discipline codes

  • Biological sciences


  • Applied Biology