Focus, colon and script in Ancient Greek. (F. Scheppers)

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The present project concerns the following aspects: - in the field of linguistic description of ancient Greek: the reconstruction of focus (i.e. pragmatic-cognitive prominence of individual words) and text articulation in classical Attic; - in the field of general linguistics: the theory of these phenomena. As a methodological-heuristic criterium, we will start from the rules for the postion of hte so-called 'post-positives' ('Wackernagels Law') on the base of which the bouderies of so-called 'cola' (cf. 'intonation units' 'idea units' etc. in the contemporary literature) and the prominence of particular words can be reconstructed. Following recent studies on particle usage and discourse analysis and on the basis of extensive corpus-based research, we will show that the macro-structural articulation of discourse and the articulation on the level of the cola, as well as the pragmatic-cognitive functions of focalised words, can be described coherently by means of the notion 'script' which allows us to represent the articulation andcoherente of discourse graphically.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/03

Flemish discipline codes

  • Languages and literary studies


  • discourse analysis
  • clitics
  • word order
  • general linguistics
  • intonation
  • clitis
  • focus
  • colon
  • Ancient Greek
  • analysis
  • particles
  • discourse