Francqui-Chair VUB - Academic Year 2020-2021: appointed to Leo Storme, Ugent

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Prof. Leo Storme is full-time full professor at
University of Ghent. He is a researcher with a high international level
reputation in finite geometry and coding theory. His research was
awarded several accolades and held one in 2006
prestigious fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany).
He is coordinator and partner in various international networks, including
be supported by Scientific Research Networks (WOG) of the FWO. Lake
he is certainly the spokesperson for the WOG Coding Theory and Cryptography
in which the VUB research group Digital Mathematics is also a partner. In the
period 2012-2016 he was one of the Belgian representatives and member
of the management committee of the EU COST action IC1104 Random
Network Coding and Designs about GF (q). Within this network of mathematicians
and engineers employed at various universities and research institutions in
the EEA was research on both basic and applied mathematical
aspects of coding theory and applications of coding theory within the
engineering sciences. The research area of ​​Prof.
Storme, namely coding theory in the broad sense of the word, is therefore one
excellent example of a mathematical discipline in which the distinction
between pure and applied mathematics and in which research fades
is stimulated by applications in engineering sciences, more
determined by research into efficient technology for transmission of
data, and also increasingly due to problems from the growing and increasing
Data Science is becoming increasingly important. That's how results transfer
so-called Maximum Distance Separable codes, codes that include
Prof. Storme were studied, an increasingly important role in distributed
cloud storage.

Prof. Storme's research is closely related to and complementary to it
the research expertise from the research groups DIMA (Digital Mathematics)
and ALAN (Algebra and Analysis) of the, recently interfaculty, department
Mathematics and Data science. A thorough introduction to the
research expertise of Prof. Storme would undoubtedly be a strong and positive
contribute to the development of the research line for discrete techniques
data science within our department.
Effective start/end date1/11/2031/10/22


  • meetkunde
  • codeertheorie

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Algebraic geometry
  • Coding and information theory


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