Francqui-Chair VUB - Academic Year 2020-2021: appointed to Mien Segers, Maastricht University

Project Details


prof.dr. Segers is professor of Corporate Learning at the School of Economics
and Business Administration from Maastricht University and coordinator of the MSc
Learning management. Colleague Segers is an international authority in the field of
social impact studies of education programs with a specific focus on
vulnerable groups in which her pedagogical expertise links to (socio-)economic
parameters and political evidence-based policy making. They coordinated within this domain
various European research consortia (e.g. Education Against Marginalization Project)
is M. including VUB) and, in addition to research, is also a promoter of dozens of
assignment studies for local policy making about lifelong learning in cities and
regions in the Netherlands.
Effective start/end date1/11/2131/10/22

Flemish discipline codes

  • Social theory and sociological methods not elsewhere classified


  • vulnerable groups
  • social and societal impact