FRHYMAP Flood risk scenario's and hydroclimatologic mapping.

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CEGUM, CEREG, CREBS, EPFL, UB/DLR, and VUB have joined together to form a multidisciplinary group of scientists, covering essential aspects from flood genesis, flood scenario mapping under different land-use and climate change conditions, to risk assessment and the socio-economic impacts of flooding. In the framework of this research project, named FRHYMAP, the partners involved will work in a complementary manner. The multi-disciplinary task-force involved in the FRHYMAP project will work on both field experimetns and hydrological modelling and mapping. A major contribution of the project wil be the regionalisation of flood generating processes and threshods, helping to improve and transpose hydrological models to various basins of different biophysical characteristics in the Rhine basin. A better understanding of the spatial and temporal variability of those processes is actually of mahor importance. Due to the multiplidisciplinarity of this project, there will be a very smooth transition between field observation, theoretical analysis of hydrological processes and the final application consisting food modelling and risk assessment. The establisment of a hydrological atlas will provide decision-makers a very useful tool, both in term of the localisation of risk producing and risk exposed areas and in terms of a very effective communication tool to stimulate public and private awareness.
Effective start/end date1/01/0131/12/02

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  • Earth sciences


  • hydrology