Fully spatial congruency between myocardial perfusion, FFA metabolism and wall motion using SPECT data.

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At the Department of Nuclear Medicine, we have developed new single photon emission computerised techniques (SPECT) to define non-invasively in man the metabolic activity of small myocardial segments (1, 2). The new 3-head SPECT gamma camera (FGWO project n° 3.0013.91) not only improves dramatically the image quality, but allows for data acquisition using the ECG-gated mode. In collaboration with M. Goris (Stanford University), we have now image processing techniques (3) for myocardial tomograms at our disposal that allow for the creation of parametric images relating, on a voxel to voxel basis, the regional metabolic status of the myocardium to its contractile function: - metabolic maps describing the statistical level of significance of differences between FFA uptake and regional blood flow; - contractile maps derived from the ECG-gated data. The goal of this project is to further validate these image processing techniques to combine myocardial perfusion, FFA metabolism and wall motion measurements using gated SPECT. The thus obtained information should improve myocardial tissue characterisation in patients with coronary artery disease and in patients with chronic right or left ventricular overload.
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/12/99

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