Functional supramolecular systems (FS2)

  • Van Mele, Bruno (Co-Promotor)
  • Willem, Rudolph (Co-Promotor)
  • Baron, Gino (Administrative Promotor)
  • Du Prez, Filip E. (Co-Promotor)
  • Vanderleyden, J. (Co-Promotor)
  • Vanderzande, Dirk (Co-Promotor)
  • Waroquier, Michel (Co-Promotor)
  • Wouters, Johan (Co-Promotor)
  • Marin, Guy (Co-Promotor)
  • Jacob, P. (Coördinator)
  • European Partner(s), . (Co-Promotor)
  • European Partner(s), - (Collaborator)
  • Van Der Auweraer, Marc (Co-Promotor)
  • Jérome, Christine (Co-Promotor)
  • Lazzaroni, Roberto (Co-Promotor)
  • Jonas, Alain (Co-Promotor)
  • De Mesmaeker, Andrée (Co-Promotor)


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Engineering & Materials Science


Physics & Astronomy