Future sea level change from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets from coupled high-resolution ice and climate models (iceMOD)

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  • Results of ISMIP6 CMIP6 forced simulations: a multi-model ensemble of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet evolution over the 21st century

    Payne, A. J. (Creator), Nowicki, S. (Creator), Abe-Ouchi, A. (Creator), Agosta, C. (Creator), Alexander, P. (Creator), Albrecht, T. (Creator), Asay-Davis, X. (Creator), Aschwanden, A. (Creator), Barthel, A. (Creator), Bracegirdle, T. J. (Creator), Calov, R. (Creator), Chambers, C. (Creator), Choi, Y. (Creator), Cullather, R. (Creator), Cuzzone, J. (Creator), Dumas, C. (Creator), Edwards, T. (Creator), Felikson, D. (Creator), Fettweis, X. (Creator), Galton-Fenzi, B. K. (Creator), Goelzer, H. (Creator), Gladstone, R. (Creator), Golledge, N. R. (Creator), Gregory, J. (Creator), Greve, R. (Creator), Hattermann, T. (Creator), Hoffman, M. J. (Creator), Humbert, A. (Creator), Huybrechts, P. (Creator), Jourdain, N. C. (Creator), Kleiner, T. (Creator), Munneke, P. K. (Creator), Larourl, E. (Creator), Le Clec'H, S. (Creator), Gonzales Fuentes, L. V. (Creator), Leguy, G. (Creator), Lipscomb, W. H. (Creator), Little, C. M. (Creator), Lowry, D. P. (Creator), Morlighem, M. (Creator), Nias, I. (Creator), Frank, P. (Creator), Pelle, T. (Creator), Price, S. F. (Creator), Quiquet, A. (Creator), Reese, R. (Creator), Ruckamp, M. (Creator), Schlegel, N. (Creator), Seroussi, H. (Creator), Shepherd, A. (Creator), Simon, E. (Creator), Slater, D. A. (Creator), Smith, R. S. (Creator), Straneo, F. (Creator), Sun, S. (Creator), Tarasov, L. (Creator), Trusel, L. D. (Creator), Van Breedam, J. (Creator), van de Wal, R. (Creator), van den Broeke, M. R. (Creator), Winkelmann, R. (Creator) & Zhao, C. (Creator), Zenodo, 3 Feb 2021


  • Results of the initMIP-Antarctica experiments: an ice sheet initialization intercomparison of ISMIP6

    Seroussi, H. (Creator), Nowicki, S. C. (Creator), Abe-Ouchi, A. (Creator), Albrecht, T. (Creator), Brondex, J. (Creator), Cornford, S. (Creator), Dumas, C. (Creator), Gillet-Chaulet, F. (Creator), Goelzer, H. (Creator), Golledge, N. R. (Creator), Gregory, J. M. (Creator), Greve, R. (Creator), Hoffman, M. (Creator), Humbert, A. (Creator), Huybrechts, P. (Creator), Kleiner, T. (Creator), Larour, E. (Creator), Leguy, G. (Creator), Lipscomb, W. H. (Creator), Lowry, D. (Creator), Mengel, M. (Creator), Morlighem, M. (Creator), Pattyn, F. (Creator), Payne, A. J. (Creator), Pollard, D. (Creator), Price, S. F. (Creator), Quiquet, A. (Creator), Reerink, T. J. (Creator), Reese, R. (Creator), Rodehacke, C. B. (Creator), Schlegel, N. (Creator), Shepherd, A. (Creator), Sun, S. (Creator), Sutter, J. (Creator), Van Breedam, J. (Creator), Van De Wal, R. S. W. (Creator), Winkelmann, R. (Creator) & Zhang, T. (Creator), Zenodo, 25 Apr 2019