GEAR: TOPGUN: Peptidomimetic TheranOstics develoPment and GMP prodUctioN platform

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The current program proposal combines the multidisciplinary and complementary expertise and existing IP of the units of Organic Chemistry (ORGC) and the Brussels Imaging Pharmacy (BIP) into an innovative value proposition for the development of new and improved diagnostic tools for a number of disease states; the first to be explored will be cancer-related, focusing on the targets of EGFR (lung cancer) and CEA (colon cancer). These diagnostic tools will take the form of radiolabeled peptides, which, in turn, will be derived from the antigen-binding region of complementary nanobodies (single domain antibodies) of which the applicants have much experience. The complementary expertise – peptide synthesis, radiopharmacy etc. – however, will allow the translation from large (~15 kDa) proteins to smaller (~1.5 kDa), cheaper peptide derivatives that can be used in vivo. Our objective is to develop at least one peptide tracer that has sufficient activity and pharmacological profile to be used in vivo, and which offers advantages over existing diagnostic molecules. Around successful molecules, a spin-off will be established to coordinate its production, distribution, follow-up validation and, eventually, its use in patients. Alternatively, compounds can be licensed. At the same time, the facilities available at BIP are available for contract research for which we have created a separate, complementary valorization pathway to create a source of income throughout the program lifecycle. All of the program’s endeavors described above will benefit significantly from the support of a specialized, full-time IOF officer responsible for the coordination of the innovation pathway and for creating and stabilizing bridges between (basic, strategic and applied) research in the consortium groups, preclinical and clinical development and industrial applications. By combining the expertise of the consortium with the planned efforts to expand the internal patent portfolio and the collaborative network, as well as involvement in the drafting of market research reports and the business plan needed to prepare for spin off, the IOF officer will have full insight over the industrial needs and the entire molecule-to-market trajectory. At the same, support will be provided by external support such as by business developers and contract staff with expertise in market research or the legal drafting required for patenting, who will support the valorization officer in coordinating the activities of the consortium..
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/25


  • radiopharmacy
  • peptide
  • Organic Synthesis
  • cancer
  • oncology
  • nanobody
  • diagnostic
  • nuclear medicine
  • industrial research
  • valorization

Flemish discipline codes 2018-2023

  • Radiopharmacy


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