Genetic and immunological prediction of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

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Insuline dependent diabetes mellitus IDDM leads to excess morbidity, reduced life expectancy and costs to the society exeeding 1 millio ECU per lifetime of one patient. It is a chronic drain of scarce health care resources and important cause of human suffering. Autoimmune IDDM is preventable in animald but human prevention has been delayed by lack of test sublects who are genetically and immunologically at increasedn defined IDDM risk. The demonstration project here outlined will radically change this situation. Its novel technology will find the at-risk subjects for recruitment to the European prevention trials. By installing 4 demonstration centras to the partner countries our intent is to show, by exercise of available best practice, validated in Finland, how prediction technology is used for very early recognition of pre-IDDM. There is a considerable element of novelty in the demonstration in that innovations in gene technology, immunology and time-resolved fluorescence imaging are applied for large-scale screening of general population. During the course of the demonstration each centre will display and conduct practice in relation to genetic screening and immunological follow-up of relevant birth cohorts. There will to some extent be specialisation in the centres in that FI will be responsible for the main part of administration, data handling and training. However all centres will be able to demonstrate the whole package of description albeit to differing degrees.
Effective start/end date1/12/9830/11/01


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