Glomerulosclerosis : Study of the synthesis of extracellular matrix in isolated glomeruli and purified mesangial cells. Role of reactive oxygen intermediates.

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Glomerulosclerosis is the result of excessive production of extracellular matrix in the glomeruli of the kidney. The mesangial cells play an important role in this process. Our working hypothesis is that a direct link exists between increased production of reactive oxygen intermediates and glomerulosclerosis. The objective of this project is to get a better insight in pathogenesis of glomerulosclerosis by screen ing drugs that diminish the formation of extracellular matrix. The project shows important technical and substantial similarities with the work on liver fibrosis of Prof. Dr. A. Geerts with whom we plan to form a research team on "Extracellular matrix". The specific aim of this grant application is to start a new OZR-projekt (4 years). We ask for 600 kF per year for operational costs. We do not ask for equipment, because we can use most of the infrastructure available at the "Liver fibrosis" group. This grant application runs in parallel with an application for a Research Grant at the NFWO (D. De Craemer, 500 KF during 3 years) and an application for a Research Project (Geerts, Van den Branden, Verbeelen en Hautekeete, 10599 kF).
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/12/98


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  • medicine
  • biology

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  • Basic sciences


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