Health economic evaluations and studies of the Flemish (preventive) health policy

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Given the continuous rise in health costs and the limitations in the available budget for health care, it is important to inform policy makers of the expected health gains and the possible future savings versus the implementation costs of prevention measures. This enables insight to be gained into the maximum health gains to be achieved within an available budget. Furthermore, it is important to evaluate the (prevention) strategies on their impact on (social) inequality. Specific (prevention) strategies are tested for their cost-effectiveness in support of the policy options for the Flemish Government since it is important to know which strategies should be given priority. The ultimate goal of this section is to establish a health economic model for a series of prevention strategies and for each proposed strategy to assess the cost-effectiveness of each strategy. On this basis, the most effective strategies will be identified. It is also the intention to make the health economic model available to the sponsor in such a format that he will be able to modify different parameters and verify their effects on cost-effectiveness.
Effective start/end date22/03/2131/03/25


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