Hyperspectral SWIR imaging system for high-speed temperature measurements of the melt pool during additive manufacturing of metallic components

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The local melting that occurs during additive manufacturing (3D printing) of metallic components is a complex multi-physical process. The creation of the melt pool, a mixture of liquid metal and molten metallic powder, induced by a focused high power laser beam, plays a major role on the quality of the manufactured component. Hence, the temperature of the melt pool serves as an
important physical indicator. Too much or too little heat creates local material artifacts and negatively impacts the quality of the component after solidification regarding geometrical accuracy, material properties and residual stresses. Therefore, it is key to continuously monitor at a high rate, in a non-intrusive way, the temperature across the melt pool. The aim of this research proposal is the acquisition of unique research infrastructure that will be utilized to accurately measure the temperature in and around the melt pool during the process. The proposed system is capable of measuring the absolute temperature distribution of the liquid melt pool and the colder solid region around the melt pool at high frame rates (kHz range) with high spatial accuracy (10 µm). Innovative research work (and recognized as pioneering work in this field), conducted by the applicant, has hinted that such a device will lead to a significant improvement of the fundamental understanding of the melt pool physics, validation of numerical simulation tools, quality assurance and robust process control of AM processes.
Short title or EU acronymFWO Research Grant
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18

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