iGEM participation Bio-Brussels, Biological water softening.

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The iGEM competition has been organized by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for 19 years. The iGEM competition, also known as the international genetically engineered machine, serves to encourage young scientists at an international level to think about global problems and how synthetic biology can provide an answer to this.
No team from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel has ever participated in this competition. To honor this, and the city of Brussels, we chose to center our project around Brussels. The problem of hard water was a logical consequence of this. In combination with the search for a solution to the hard water problem, we also want to try to clarify Synthetic biology (and the often negative connotations surrounding it) among young people in the Brussels-Capital Region, through various science promotion activities such as the book 'Bert de goedbacterie'. ' that we will publish for free in French and Dutch and English, and other projects with refugees, in schools and at summer camps.
The solution we see to the hard water problem is to screen naturally calcifying proteins (such as those found in egg production) in a protein-based overproduction system.
Short title or EU acronymIGEM
Effective start/end date19/07/2218/01/23


  • IGEM
  • World issues
  • synthetic biology

Flemish discipline codes 2018-2023

  • Synthetic biology


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