ILS 2022: Crypto escape room

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In this project we will build an escape room, where several of the riddles
can be solved using classical cryptosystems (Caesar cipher, scytale,
cryptex, simple watermarking system,…). A brief description of this crypto
systems will be made available so that participants can (largely)
be able to perform independently. After finding the ultimate code, the safe can be opened
from which one 3D-printed bitcoin can then be taken as
keepsake. Instructions will also be made and material made available
to give the children the opportunity to make the cryptosystems themselves at home.
The escape room route will be based on the principle of modern
alarm systems that work with laser lights and where the radiation breaks through
for an alarm. However, instead of working with laser radiation, which has the potential to
dangerous situations, we will work out a more child-friendly alternative and
work with rope. To capture the touching of the rope, we will examine whether
this can work with vibration sensors or on the other hand just the classic way with
Short title or EU acronymILS
Effective start/end date1/05/2231/10/22


  • technology
  • ingenuity
  • ICT/Digital

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Cryptography, privacy and security


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