ILS 2022: How well can Brussels withstand a climate change? Come up with solutions for a strong city.

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In various workshops, the will invite and guide children to explore metropolitan
to explore and problematize transition themes, such as mobility, circularity, climate. through visual,
In creative imagination exercises, we jointly identify problems and possible STEM solutions, and we engage in bottom-up research agenda setting.
There is growing evidence that participatory research offers promising opportunities to (1)
involving children and young people in shaping research practices and policy,
and (2) ultimately bring about urban-societal changes that lead to better
life in the city. The results of the various ongoing workshops will lead
to a visual representation (an 'expo') of a current metropolitan research agenda setting by
children and teenagers, and this will also be shared with various after the I Love Science Festival
metropolitan/Brussels actors (competent policy makers, research funders,
knowledge institutions, press, etc.).
Short title or EU acronymILS
Effective start/end date1/06/222/11/22


  • Human
  • Nature and environment
  • ingenuity
  • Mobility

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Climate change


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