Immunological control of African Trypanosomiasis.

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The aims of this research proposal are twofols: i) Immunological control of trypanosome-associated immunopathology through either passive antibody treatment or ative vaccination. ii) Immunological elimination of Trypanosomes through a new type of antibodies that may recognize trypanosome membrane antigens. 2) objectives: further molecular and funtional characterization of immunomodalatory trypanosome components that may contribute to trypanosome-associated immunopathological reactions, in particular immunosuppression. ii) Evaluation of the influence of both passive antibody treatment and active vaccination as means to neutralize immunomodulatory trypanosome components during experimental infections. Analysis of the influence of such treatments on ârasite development and infetion-associated pathology. iii) Generation of VHH antibodies against invariant trypanosome membrane antigens and constructions of new trypanosome specific VHH-toxins. Analysis of the capacity of VHH-toxins to eliminate Trypanosomes in vivo.
Effective start/end date1/01/9931/12/02


  • parasite
  • infections
  • trypanosomiasis

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  • Basic sciences