Implementing self-regulated learning in primary education.

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Self-regulated learning (SRL) refers to independent, academically effective forms of learning that invol...
metacognition, intrinsic motivation, and strategic action. Recent studies highlight the importance of designi...
primary classroom environments that promote academically effective forms of SRL and encouraging pupils ...
adopt skills and attitudes associated with SRL early in their school careers.
The central aim of this research proposal is to test a model that integrates both cultural and structural
characteristics when explaining differences in levels of SRL occurrence, both at individual teacher level and
school level. Following this framework, we can develop a deeper insight into the relationships between
influencing characteristics. Furthermore, the underlying processes at classroom level and their relationship
characteristics on different levels of SRL realization will be explored. Finally, school policy development
processes with regard to self-regulated learning will be explored using an action research design.

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Effective start/end date1/01/0931/12/10

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  • Pedagogical and educational sciences


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