Improving saxophone performance through the combination of an artistic and a scientific approach to saxophone playing

  • Dries, Koen, (Administrative Promotor)

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While continuously making an effort to improve performance quality, performing
musicians don't cease to challenge their own physical and artistic possibilities. We
observe two different approaches: the artistic approach, lacking uniformity and
objectivity, is an individual trial and error research method, focusing on the whole
playing apparatus with conclusions formulated in a personal terminology. The
scientific approach, lacking applicability in a practical context, focuses on small
segments of the playing apparatus studied under non-realistic laboratory conditions.
The purpose of the present research project is to analyze, based on a thorough study
of saxophone repertoire, how results of these two research methods, which are
essentially complementary, can be combined into a more efficient and uniform
research method. Additionally we will, in close partnership with composers, enrich
the repertoire and expressive possibilities of the instrument. To achieve this we will
use the expertise of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (performance and
composition) and the laboratory of Biomechanics of the VUB (biomechanics).
Results will include three components: new compositions, an improved training
method for saxophonists which might be relevant to other instruments if proven valid
by additional research and finally a series of concerts and recordings to prove validity
of the developed training method.
Effective start/end date1/10/1130/09/12

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    Dries, K., 4 Mar 2012

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