In the European ESPRIT project Web for Schools (WfS), the applicability of the Internet technology within the secundary education system is explored.

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The web for schools project seeks to contribute substantially to the creation of the Information Society by preparing the ground for a concerted effort to establish a communtiy of teachers all over Europe, ultimately large enough for self-sustained growth, who are able in terms of skills and infrastructure to use and contribute to a network of people involved in the production or electronic educational material.
In a big experiment (150 highschools from every European country were equipped with internet access for this project) the central infrastructure was completely designed, build and maintained by STAR Lab. This system offered the opportunity to the involved schools to construct online courses about the subjects of their choice, and put these courses available for the other schools participating.
Effective start/end date1/03/9631/12/97


  • informatica

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  • Mathematical sciences