In-vitro investigation of variations of the auriclar surface of the sacrum and innominate bone

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With an in-vitro investigation of spatial details of the variations of the auricular surface of the sacrum and innominate bone, a contribution will be made to the understanding of function and dysfunction of the sacro-iliac joints (SIG). The SIG is a particular point of interest with regard to low back problems and it is often treated with manual therapy techniques. The actual classification of anatomical joints serves as a basis for a work hypothesis, in which a parallel configuration of a synovial joint and a syndesmosis are considered. Such a work hypothesis gives way for different functions of the sacro-iliac junction, beside (restricted) motion.In a first phase, the in-vitro investigation of roughly and complex spatial details (ridges, grooves, torsion) on the cartilage and the underlying bony tissue of the auriclar surface will be studied by using a magnetic tracking device ( Flock of Birds, Ascension). In a second phase, the joint configurations can be brought into computer simulations of the entire SIG-junction. During the dissection, particular attention will also be drawn to the presence of hyaluronic acid-protein complexes at the auriclar surfaces, as they can serve as additives in boundary lubrication.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/98

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