In Vivo En Multiplex Quantum Dot-Gebasserde Western Blot Analyse Door Gebruik Van Fluorescerende Beeldvormende Technologie

  • Roseeuw, Diane (Administrative Promotor)
  • Hachem, Jean-Pierre, (Co-Promotor)

Project Details


Fluorescence has proven to be a multipurpose efficient tool for multiple applications including imaging and immunobloting. New developments in instrumentation, software, probes, and applications have resulted in a recent burst of popularity for fluorescence based techniques including western immunobloting and life imaging. Hereby we solicit the FWO krediet aan navorsers and the OZR to support a state of the art fluorescence iimaging technology using the KODAK Image Sation In-Vivo FX for both Quantum dat Western detection technology and fluorescence life imaging.
Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/08

Flemish discipline codes

  • Basic sciences


  • medicine