Inclusive education in Flanders: problemanalysis and implementation strategies.

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The Flemish model of segregating pupils to (eventually) try to integrate them afterwards, is being challenged internationally. The school has to become a school for all. Inclusive education is on its way in Flanders.The implementation of such education certainly will create several problems. Schools try to protect themselves against changes, because of their vulnerable technology and vague goals. All kinds of problems can make that in schools, there will be a lot of resistance against the implementation of inclusive education.In this study we examine how those problems are dealt with in countries where inclusive education already exists (USA, UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain). On the basis of available data, we do a Delphi-study to suggest ways to resolve as much as possible the problems that could arise when inclusive education is being implemented.This study is has to major goals: (1) to make a diagnosis of problems that could arise when implementing inclusive education; (2) to suggest alternative strategies to implement inclusive education succesfully in Flanders.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/99

Flemish discipline codes

  • Pedagogical and educational sciences


  • qualitative data analysis
  • inclusive education
  • special education
  • secondary education
  • primary education
  • survey research