Inflammatrack: Novel macrophage and myeloid dendritic cell markers for in vivo imaging and therapy of inflammatory.

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Macrophages and myeloid dendritic cells (mDCs) play a crucial role in innate and adaptive immune responses. Besides being cells that capture and destroy pathogens and present antigens to T cells Macrophages and Myeloid dendritic cells are now well described as a hterogeneous grooup of cells with various specialized activities in different anatomical locations. Many of these activities appear to be antagonistic in nature, e.g. pro-inflammatory versus anti-inflammatory, immunogenic versus tolerogenic, and tissue-destructive versus tissue repair activities. The different functional properties of these subsets of cells are characterized by the production of a distinct set of mediators and expression patterns of various receptors, offering a whole range of diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives.

In the current project we want to use this knowledge platform, in combination with evidence from the literature to validate selected MC markers for the purpose of in vivo targetin of inflammatory MCs. More Specifically:
- as a first priority, we aim to target radionuclides or reporter genes to MCs in vivo in order to monitor the in vivo behaviour of these MCs (and the MC markers they express) using in vivo imaging technology as a means to track inflammatory processes and their underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms ("inflammatrack")

- as a second priority, MC markers will be validated as targets for modulating inflammatory MC function in order to scrutinize the functional implication of the selected MC markers in the inflammatory process, thereby providing information on the molecular basis of the inflammatory process and leading potentially to therapeutic applications.
Effective start/end date1/10/0930/09/11


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