Influence of spatial containment (spatial confinement) on the transport and hybridizatiesnelheid DNA.

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The overall aim of the current proposed project is to obtain a better understanding of the transport and hybridizationspeed of ssDNA through transport and binding kinetics measurements under unique conditions of maximum spatial containment for a wide range of speeds, velocity gradients, system dimensions, buffer composition, chain lengths, etc ... This experimental study is divided into several parts: I) Measurements of bulk and surface diffusion coefficients in nano-channels and nano-rooms, II) measurement of impact molecularie collisions with fixed panel on the net convection speed of ssDNA through nano-channels, III) measurement of binding kinetics and binding specificity in nano-channels and nano-rooms.

Besides this experimental part there also a theoretical part will be developed, which can be considered the continuation of the modeling work carried out during the own doctoral research. In this theoretical part it's intended to improve the current models by changing the bulk parameters from those models by the kinetic and diffusion parameters that affect the self-measured the spatial containment and limited molecular mobility current models

Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/08

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