Innovation mandate Spin-off: Quantitative Assessment of Blood Flow and Tissue Perfusion Using Four-Dimensional Computed Tomography

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The current examination modalities for PAD and diabetic foot are inadequate for the assessment of below-the-knee blood flow and tissue perfusion and do not provide accurate treatment monitoring after revascularization. This project aims at creating an improved diagnosis for patients suffering from PAD or diabetic foot in order to enable patient-specific treatment, prevent further development of foot ulcers, and avoid or minimize the number of amputations. Subsequently, we focus on other vascular structures, such as arteriovenous fistulas, renal stenosis, and carotid arteries to monitor and evaluate different revascularization treatments. Technically, this project aims to develop software as a service platform for the processing of vascular 4D-CT images to visualize vital hemodynamic and perfusion information, embedded in the clinical workflow to assist the vascular specialists. This study has the potential to be a breakthrough and could lead to a new way of diagnosing and monitoring vascular pathologies. The processing pipeline created during the PhD provides a novel method for accurate quantitative blood flow and perfusion analysis using 4D-CT in a clinical setup. Based on the previous work, three strategic objectives are pursued to achieve a minimal viable product to approach potential investors and facilitate the setup of the intended spin-off.
Effective start/end date1/04/2431/03/26


  • tissue perfusion
  • diabetic foot

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Vascular diseases


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