Innovation projects in education (OVP 2001 : Problem-based learning in the curriculum pharmacist, an education laboratory

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There is a rapid evolution in the professional world as well as in the contemporary society. Science and knowledge are explosing. As a consequence there is a change in competences in each profession. New competences required to in this society are mobility, flexibility, communication skills and rapid knowledge acquisition. Again the consequence of this is that also educational changes were required.

In a system of education there is definitely a lack of interdisciplinarity and integration of education, this in contrast to the real life work situation.

Whereas traditionally education has always been teacher-centered, there is an evolution necessary to introduce a student-centered education. This means that learning will be more imortant than teaching. Students have to learn how they should learn. Only in that case students will be able to integrate different courses and topics and to work in an interdisciplinary environment.

The goal of this project is to build up expertise in student-centered learning and to develop an educational system in which there is a good mix between traditional and new forms of education. This in order to educate students, able to integrate in this contemporary society.

The objectives for this projects are :
(i) student should be able to integrate between different courses and topics
(ii) students should acquire communication skills.
Effective start/end date1/09/0131/12/02


  • education

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  • Materials engineering
  • Chemical sciences
  • Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Pedagogical and educational sciences


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