Innovatory project: Learning paths for learning style differentiated and skill orientated education: development of general and discipline related skills for humanities in a digital learning environment

Project Details


This project focuses on the creating and developing of flexible, high-quality, effective learning environments, new educational methods and techniques; the developing and generating of electronic study material and testing; the training of teachers in using new educational technology.

The project is based on the observation that students use different learning styles in approaching learning material, as stated in the research of Kolb and Vermunt. In order to provide the students the most suited approach, two learning paths will be introduced in the study material of a course. One path will start from an experience-based approach; another will start from a conceptual or theoretical approach. In the process of obtaining insights and skills the student will be able to choose the path most suited for his/her learning style. Both paths, conceptual and experience-based, will guide the students through the stadia of conceptual, experimental, experience-based and reflecting learning, while at the same time students will develop general and discipline-related skills. The goal for all students regardless their learning style, is the development of cognitive skills.
Students will active partners in the process of constructive learning. The realization of the project will take place in an electronic environment (website), which enables flexible and distance learning. The project is also embedded in the skill-oriented learning policy of the VUB.
Effective start/end date1/10/011/10/02


  • conceptual educational approach
  • skill-oriented education
  • educational innovation
  • experience-based educational approach
  • learning paths
  • distance learning

Flemish discipline codes

  • History and archaeology
  • Pedagogical and educational sciences