Integrated neuronal photonic information processing based on semiconductor ring lasers (FWO)

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Implementing unconventional computational methods is essential and optics provides promising opportunities. Inspired by the way that our brain processes the information, new challenge implying information processing e.g. the so-called reservoir computing (RC) has been recently demonstrated using nonlinear delayed systems. These concepts are fundamentally different from the standard Turing or von Neumann Machine methods, which are widely implemented in most computational systems. It has been shown that a RC with a single hardware mode consists of a delayed feedback system can replace the hundreds or even thousands of nodes usually used in traditional RC. While the experimental demonstration has been done using electronic and electro-optic delay systems, the future research has to focus on the implementation of RCs with high dynamical bandwidth allowing for fast real time processing of optical or electrical input streams. Moreover, integrated photonic implementations are also desired because they have the advantage of manufac-turability, power efficiency and compactness. Semiconductor ring lasers offer these opportunities.
Effective start/end date1/10/1330/09/14

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