Integration of consumer behavior in competitive and ethical location models & applications.

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    Several recent competitive location models try to take into account non-spatial aspects of consumer behavior, in order to extend the traditional simple distance criterion. This project attempts a critical study from the economics and marketing point of view of the consumer choice descriptions used, and their further integration into the location models. The aim is to arrive on the one hand, at motivation or invalidation, estimation and possible development of alternative descriptions. In order to arrive at this further integration between location theory and consumer choice-theory, an in depth literature study of both domains is needed. The finally selected approaches should also as much as possible be empirically studied before being brought together. On the other hand this should lead to several new mathematical models for optimal location choice in competitive environment. In medium term these should allow to answer location questions by way of adapted solution techniques, to evaluate the impacts of location projects on competition, service-quality and/or local employment, and to study spatial evolutions by way of system dynamic techniques.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0531/12/08


    • location models
    • operations research
    • consumer behaviour

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    • Mathematical sciences
    • Economics and business


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