Intelligent Multimedia Application GENerator

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The IMAGEN (Intelligent Multimedia Application GENerator) project will develop an integrated set of tools for publication and distribution of digital media over the Internet. Pilot applications will be generated and tested in two succesive large-scale trials, with the participation of multimedia content providers and several hundred end-users.
The modules will be based on advanced technologies supplied by four consortium partners: collaborative filtering by CBE (NL), intelligent agents by Bar-Ilan University (ISR), constraint-based layout technology by DFKI (D), secure online distribution of digital media by MediaSec(D). The integration of the tools and the development of the pilot applications will be performed by RadicalMedia (P), a leading Portuguese multimedia software company. Interactive Labs (I) will provide content from its parent company, Italian publisher GIUNTI, and will co-develop the pilot applications. Interactive Labs will be joined by other content providers in the second phase of the trial.

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