Intensive training environmental health Oecraine-Intensive training and course development on environmental economics and environmental health risks in the Ukraine

Project Details


The project consists of financial and scientific support for the Department of Economics of Suny State University,Economic Research Centre.The overall project purpose is curricculum-and capacity building on Environmental Economics and Environmental Health.The proces to realise this inintiative should contain the next elements: -Organisation and logistic support for an intensive course on both themes,intensified on the situation in Ukrain and countries with an economy in transition.-The publishing of 2 textbooks,with CD-Rom and Internet version,on the basis of the Course material.The partner in the Ukrain is engaged to build in the project results in the existiny curricculum.Attention will be paid to the qualitative comparison with the university education system in the E.U.
Effective start/end date22/04/9731/10/98

Flemish discipline codes

  • Biological sciences


  • ecology