Intermdiality and reciprocity of Influence in the Poetry of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.

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Ted Highes and Sylvia Plath are one of the most critiqued writers' couples of the 20th century, but their literary partnership has always polarized. Their poetry has been studied seperately from each another, which led to superficial , one-sided analyses (autobiography, confessionalism). In my doctoral research I discovered that by bringing the marital couple together and approaching their poetry as one entity, instigated by intermediality and reciprocity of influence, new ground-breaking light could be shed on their ouevre. I found unique similarities and interferences in style, theme, metaphorics, and peticsby accentuating their intermedial work, in which a clear interference of artistic disciplines and media (photography, painting, and graphic art) takes place. This created an unprecedented, unique tension between word and image in their poetry, which so far has never been thoroughly researched.
In my postdoctoral research, I want to throw additional light on the paintings and collages Plats made throughout her life; this visual art influenced her petry. Furthermore, bith poets used each other's draft copies and let images seep through the page and return in each other's poems. Also, in co-operation with fine printing presses, Ted Hughes published numerous illustrated limited editions of his poems, unseen and unknown to many.
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