International Joint Research Group: VUB-EPFL IJRG on BioNanotechnology & NanoMedicine

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Cell biophysics and molecular biophysics research using an integrated approach of nanotechnology techniques and biomathematics on biological and medical relevant cell systems.
Integration of:
Cell and molecular biology: cell culture (mammalian cells, (pathogenic) bacteria and yeasts), genetics, biochemistry and cell biomacromolecule research (proteins, DNA, lipids, carbohydrates).
Bionanotechnology: Atomic Force Microscopy imaging and spectroscopy, nanobiophotonics (super-resolution fluorescence microscopy) and analysis (image analysis, bioinformatics), and nanomotion vibration analysis and GHz-THz sensor technology.
Biomicrofluidics and biofabrication techniques such as soft lithography, polymer pen lithography, electron beam lithography.
Biomathematics: image analysis, computational biology, bioinformatics, network biology, biophysical and biochemical mathematical modeling.
Short title or EU acronymNANO
Effective start/end date8/07/157/07/24


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