Interuniversity Programme in Water Resources Engineering

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The objective of the Interuniversity Programme in Water Resources Engineering (IUPWARE) is to provide multi-disciplinary and professional training in water resources engineering, and to equip future personnel with the necessary technical and managerial knowledge and skills
which they will require to successfully design and operate water resources schemes. The foregoing is particularly important for personnel from developing countries where sustainable development of water resources is more crucial now than ever before.

IUPWARE aims at accomplishing the following two main goals: (i) the training of engineers and experts in specific disciplines of water resources such as surface and groundwater hydrology, irrigation, water quality and aquatic ecology; and (ii) integration of technical multi-disciplinary teams, efficiently co-ordinated by generalists with emphasis on management. Therefore, IUPWARE puts emphasis on imparting knowledge and skills to trainees at three levels, namely, basic, specific and integrated. The first level includes disciplines such as hydrology, statistics, hydraulics, ecology, hydrogeology, fundamentals of economy and water quality, mathematics and computing. Specific disciplines refer to the various activities with water such as irrigation, water supplies, waste-water treatment, hydropower generation, hydraulic works, urban drainage, flood control, soil and water conservation and general use management. The last level relates to technical disciplines that treat water resources in an integrated way. In general these technical issues range from the operation research to the legal and institutional sectors. The growing tendency of public participation in the planning process, even in the developing countries, necessitates that subjects of social, political and communication areas form part of the study curriculum. In addition, workshops on environmental and policy sciences are included to emphasise the close relationship between water quantity and water quality.
Effective start/end date1/10/0130/09/02


  • MSc Water Resources Engineering

Flemish discipline codes

  • Civil and building engineering
  • Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences
  • Earth sciences