Investigation of different surface pre-treatments on rolled aluminium for automotive applications.

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    Environmental awareness and the stricter laws endorsing this awareness, have
    forced the automotive industry to focus on ways to reduce the weight of the
    vehicles. Lighter cars mean less fuel consumption and consequently less
    toxic emission. Nearly all car labels are bringing out new models where
    some of the body-parts are aluminium instead of steel. Especially for
    mid-class, the 'mixed' steel/aluminium car-body will become more and more
    The use of aluminium for the body-panel application is not only dependent on
    the metal bulk properties, which are responsible for the formability,
    stiffness and dent resistance, but also on the metal surface condition. The
    aim of this project is to study and compare the different surface
    preconditioning scenarios; both those that are in current demand and those
    proposed for the future. The preconditioning of the aluminium involves
    several surface pre-treatments - cleaning, passivation - which are to be
    performed by the aluminium producer on a continuous annealing and
    pre-treatment line. The purpose of the preconditioning is to reduce the
    number of treatments that the car manufacturer has to perform during the
    processing of the aluminium for the car-body.
    Effective start/end date1/03/0028/02/02

    Flemish discipline codes

    • Mathematical sciences
    • Chemical sciences
    • Materials engineering


    • automotive
    • passivation
    • aluminium
    • surface treatment