investigation on the consistency, incidence and evolution of upper limb oedema on patients after mastectomy.

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to prevent dissemination after mastectomy, axillar ganglion resection is peformed. Besides complications like scar pain, paresthesia and loss of mobility, secondary lymph oedema occurs in 22-34% of the cases. Some authors already described the positive influence of specific physiotherapy treatment, like manual lymphatic drainage,pressotherpie and elastic stocking, on patients after mastectomy. To investigate this phenomenon on clinical and fundamental bases, we will screen patients by means of a questionary and by following patients pré and post operative during minimum 1 year. We will also investigate oedema by means of echographic and Dupplex analyses. Edema will also be created on mice and histologic investigation of the oedema will be performed. By means of transillumination microscopy, we will investigate the appearance of lympho-lymphatic and lympho-venous anastomosis, which will be responsible for the evacuation of fluids.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/02

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  • mastectomy
  • Breast cancer