IOF Accelerator MOBI: Mobility, Logistics and Automotive technology research centre - valorization of MOBI key assets: breakthroughs in sustainable mobility and logistics

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All Solid state battery (ASSB) with solid electrolyte is in the roadmaps of automotive OEMs. Although promising, the know-how of handling and assembly of ASSB is not well established, mainly due to many technical challenges to overcome. Through this IOF, MOBI aims to solve the technical challenges associated with ASSB assembly. In particular, selection and optimization of assembly, which are scalable for industrial production, will be investigated. Through this work, MOBI aims to facilitate mass production of ASSB
Effective start/end date21/12/1820/12/21

Flemish discipline codes

  • Infrastructure, transport and mobility engineering not elsewehere classified


  • solid electrolyte
  • ASSB