IOF Accelerator - Transitioning to future sustainable transport systems Supporting a sector in full transition: valorization of the MOBI expertise

Project Details


At the Green Energy Park, the VUB is building a living lab that showcases the key technologies
and innovations for this transition. This accelerator wants to create the backbone on which the
interdisciplinary knowledge of VUB on energy transition and the creation of multi-energy
systems can be transferred and utilised for the transformation of other sites (for instance to the
different SME zones in Belgium) that need to become carbon-neutral. In the near future many
trial) sites will be confronted with the increase of EV
charging infrastructure7 and the push to decarbonize their (multi) energy mix. The
transformation of a site, or collection of sites (cfr. energy communities), constitutes a multiagent
problem both in the design and operational phase. Next to techno-economic parameters
of several technologies also stakeholders, users and other boundary conditions need to be
taken in to account. Furthermore, data analysis and smart operational algorithms need to be
accounted for in the design phase. This creates a complex problem not solvable by
conventional engineering firms and their methods.
Effective start/end date15/07/2114/07/23


  • Energy Communities
  • Energy Storage
  • SME-zone
  • CO2-neurtal
  • energysystems
  • renewable energy

Flemish discipline codes

  • Energy storage