IOF POC Project: SMAC : Next Generation SMart Acoustic Camera for Smart Cities, Health Care and Industry 4.0

Project Details


Embedded acoustic cameras have the ability to create acoustic images which show us where sound sources are
located. This method to measure and represent acoustic information is gaining a lot of interest from industry,
academia and health institutes as the technology is maturing. Although this new technology is promising, the
current state of the art is rather limited in its abilities and is mainly used for high end acoustic studies. In previous
work we laid down the basics for the next generation of embedded acoustic cameras which support embedded
Artificial Intelligence. Our acoustic camera design goes beyond the state of the art and is conceptualized to be lowpower
and battery operated, to be modular, to be reconfigurable for different types of applications, to support
embedded AI for classification and recognition of different types of sounds and to detect potential anomalies. This
enables the applicability of acoustic cameras in emerging domains like Industry 4.0, smart city applications and ehealth
As such the main goal for this PoC, is to create a demonstrator of a Next Generation SMart Acoustic Camera
(SMAC) which is dimensioned and configured to showcase its potential for three use cases being anomaly detection
in complex industrial environments, traffic-surveillance in Smart Cities and monitoring in sleep disorder studies.
Effective start/end date1/01/2230/06/23

Flemish discipline codes

  • Acoustics, noise and vibration engineering


  • smart camera
  • acoustic camera
  • microphone array
  • sensor fusion