IOF Proof of Concept: Development of dual acting drugs targeting biased Mu opioid agonism and neuropeptide FF antagonism for the treatment of actute and chronic pain

Project Details


In view of the ongoing opioid epidemic worldwide, there is a clear need for safer and better analgesics. We have synthesised and evaluated a set of multitarget compounds capable of acting simultaneously on the opioid and neuropeptide FF systems. By modulating one or more receptors with only a single compound, we were able to reduce the variability in the compounds’ pharmacokinetics when using drug cocktails and enhance therapeutic efficacy. Our results show that the produced lead compounds are potent analgesics with reliable activity after acute and chronic administration and consequently also a favourable safety profile.

Effective start/end date21/12/18 → 20/12/20

Flemish discipline codes

  • Drug discovery and development not elsewhere classified


  • analgesics