IOF Proof of Concept: Redirect - Smart and Efficient Driving Circuits for LED lighting Systems and DC Networks in Various Applications

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Currently, LED lighting technology is pushed in various areas of applications due to its high efficiency and because it can easily be controlled. LED lighting is intrinsically based on direct current (DC). At present, many buildings are equipped with photovoltaic panels, as well as energy storage systems, that are also DC based. The REDIRECT project aims to provide an energy efficient, easily controllable and green-fed LED lighting solution for various commercial spaces, through the direct usage of green energy coming from local energy sources. To enable this, the project will develop a DC microgrid topology that does not require DC/AC and AC/DC converters as well as advanced efficient energy saving LED driving circuits based on emerging GaN semiconductor technology. This will allow to reach a conversion efficiency of more than 97%, without compromising the light demand.
Effective start/end date15/07/2114/07/23


  • Smart DC grid management
  • LED lighting
  • LED driving circuits
  • GaN semiconductor technologies-based converters
  • Lighting with green energy
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Efficient integration of PVs and DC grids

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Photonics, light and lighting


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