Islam in European Youth Literature

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It is the main aim of this project to comment on the images of Muslims in Flemish, Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish youth literature written in the last two decades (1980-2000). As youth literature is translated into many languages it is important to analyze it in an international framework, without limiting research to literature published in one nation and language. About fifty novels for young children and young adults will be commented on.

As cultural and religious conflicts as well as youth literature are generated by a large variety of impacts, it is necessary to analyze Islam in European youth literature from a multi-focused perspective combining historical, psychological, rhetorical, stylistic, linguistic and ethnic points of view.

The starting point of comparative literary analysis is the hypothesis that authors who are Islamic migrants themselves have another point of view, when describing migrants, to non-migrant authors. The aim of the proposed project is threefold: first, to develop a theoretically grounded descriptive model, which will enable a comparison of the images of Islamic migrants and multiculturalism in Dutch, Flemish, French, English, Spanish and German youth literature; second, to compare novels written by migrant and non-migrant authors; third, to evaluate and compare the ethical and pedagogical implications made by different authors and to comment on the wide range of motifs for these implications.
Effective start/end date1/01/0331/12/06


  • Islam
  • European Literature
  • Literature for Young Adults

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  • Languages and literary studies
  • History and archaeology
  • Philosophy, ethics and religious studies