ITEA 06043 3DT-BE: 3D-TESTBENCH-BE (in kader EUREKA programma ITEA 2 en in kader van IWT-080061 van BARCO)

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The innovation goal of the project is to create a trial version of an intelligent, large and interactive visualization platform that allows all stakeholders involved in technical reviews of complex products, such as those of the automotive and aerospace industries, to view multiple data types from different sources. To manipulate the meaning (concepts) behind the data without having to have access to the original data sources. Such a visualization and manipulation platform, given the name Multidisciplinary Semantic Wall (or SemWall), will be equipped with features to increase the level of abstraction of thinking and collaboration between multidisciplinary stakeholders in various ways.
The project does not attempt to develop an integrated (commercial) and ready-to-use SemWall but will limit itself to creating the initial key technology and identifying the matching most natural HMI techniques. The project will eventually result in a research demonstration system (= pilot version) of the SemWall.
Short titleITEA 06043 3DT-BE
Effective start/end date23/09/0931/12/10


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  • Other engineering and technology